Common Goals and Victoria Blatterman

March 25, 2018
Victoria Blatterman
The goals of a special education teacher is to help their students reach their goals whether that be reading or writing, or any other skill. The goal of a legal clerk is to help their clients and their attorneys by proxy reach their goals. Victoria Blatterman has worked hard to transition from special education teacher to law clerk and when she was offered a position at Anastopoulo Law Firm in May of 2014, she was ready to hit the ground running. She found that skills such as helping people, being a good listener, and having a good attitude overall were all skills that crossed over into her new field of choice. Victoria Blatterman has enjoyed her time in this field and now works as a law clerk at George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers.

The Legal Career of Victoria Blatterman

September 26, 2017
Nowadays, Victoria Blatterman plays a critical role in a great many cases in which people need help to recover from their injuries. She is now working role as a law clerk with George Sink, PA Injury Lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina, and she likes her role of assisting attorneys in making sure accident victims recover everything they deserve for their injuries and other damages from those negligent parties responsible for the accident. She helps clients sort through the legal red tape and deal with insurance companies to get the best possible recovery for clients. She also helps them arrange the medical and other assistance they need to rebuild their lives and recover from their serious injuries.

More than anything, Victoria Blatterman fills a critical role in helping injured clients account for medical bills, lost wages and other lost income and she helps them deal with the insurance adjusters and opposing attorneys in a way that should bring them the best possible settlement or the best possible verdict, should the case ever have to go to court.
She obviously loves the work since, prior to her time at the Sink Law Firm, Victoria Blatterman did the same work at the Anastopoulo Law Firm.

Victoria Blatterman’s background makes her well-suited to the job of law clerk. She loves her community and is giving back. Born and raised in Charleston, she graduated from Ashley Ridge High School as a teen, and also went to college in the area. She also spent three years as a special education teacher for the state of South Carolina, all before she decided to go into the legal field, where she does even more to help people.